"Appearance" by Katia Al-Tal

Sep 16 - Oct 5, 2023


In a blink, a state of inner balance was shaken to its core and willingly jilted as it sacrificed itself to masked alters.


In a blink, a vessel took a new path and dared to venture and explore the unknown with its usual sense of eagerness, authenticity, and devotion. The soul floated beyond the precious vessel that should have been cherished, but instead was abused, neglected and worst of all, abandoned.


In a blink, the realization hit that the ventured path led to isolation, being stripped down to the rawest of essence and left stranded in the middle of the seductive path that had whispered promises of inspiration.


In a blink, the tormenting whips of self-induced confusion conquered the senses and abused the gift of time by leading the vessel down a soulless void of a path.

In a blink, the universe was waiting for the impotent path to be relinquished and trusted that time was not taken for granted and truth was never forsaken. Delusions were put aside and vision was cleared to uncover mesmerizing creations that embrace the wandering soul and celebrate its return.

Artist Statement

Katia Al-Tal is a renown Jordanian-French sculptress best known for creating pieces that reflect her experiences and transforms them into art. Her minimalistic creations are unique, fluid and capable of elevating her viewers towards having a mutually collective experience that inspires and transcends. Katia is also an educator and mentor who works in the International Baccalaureate system to foster change and development in the youth. In addition, she is engaged in her local and international community advocating for a number of initiatives. Her “Appearance” exhibition is a culmination of time specks that are made tangible in the velvety texture of pearly white silhouettes.