Born in Lebanon in 1972, Kurkdjian lives and works in Beirut. Through the turbulent years of the Lebanese Civil War, she first studied fine arts and psychology at the Lebanese University, followed by theology at St. Joseph’s University. Kurkdjian has participated in numerous group exhibitions, including Gallery Sader, UNESCO, Salon Sursock, Royal School of Arts London, and Biennale Arts Hors Normes in Lyon, amongst several others. Since 2005, she has held solo exhibitions at the Goethe Institut (2005), Centre Culturel Français (2006), Surface Libre (2007), Zico House (2008), Atelier 109 (2010), and éspace Bertin Poirée (2012). Annie Kurkdjian’s work won the “Johayna Baddoura Prize” in 2012 and has been showcased in Art Dubai and Menasa Art Fair in Beirut in 2013.




Menart Fair, paris, France


Salon Comparaison, Grand Palais, Paris, France

Fann a Porter, collective, Dubai

Manara Arts and Cultur, collective, Amman, Jordan

Halle Roublot, collective, Fontenay-sous-Bois, France

Galerie Europia, solo, Paris, France

Lebanese Talents, collective, Beirut, Lebanon


Albareh art Gallery, solo, Manama, Bahrein

Espace Christiane Peugeot, solo, Paris, France

Artlab Gallery, solo, Beirut,Lebanon

Center of Arts, Jackson Hall, collective, Wyoming, USA

Christ Church Cathedral, collective, collective, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Vanderbilt University , Collective, Nashville, Tennessee, USA

The Cathedral Church of St. Paul, collective, Burlington, Vermont, USA


L'arrivage , Troyes, France

Wadi Finan, collective, Amman, Jordan

Centro Centro , Madrid, Spain

Kunstraum pro arte, Hallein, Austria

Galerie Point Rouge, collective, Paris, France

Art Fair Abhu Dhabi

L’epicerie d’art, collective, Clermont-Ferrand , France

St Martin-in-the-Fields Gallery, collective, London, UK

National Gallery of Fine Arts, Amman, Jordan

American University Museum at the Katzen Arts Center , Washington D.C., USA


Dar el Nemr , collective, Beirut , Lebanon

Wadi Finan , collective, Amman , Jordan

Haven for artists , collective, Beirut, Lebanon

Boushahry Gallery (solo), Kuwait

Khan Al funoun (collective) Amman, Jordan

Art Space Hamra Gallery (collective) Beirut, Lebanon

Menasart (Beirut International Art Fair), Beirut, Lebanon

Lieu 37 Gallery (collective) Paris, France

Galerie de l’Echarpe (collective) Toulouse, France

Galerie Point Rouge (collective) Paris, France

Menier Gallery (collective) London, UK

Alcultur (collective) Algeciras, Spain

Albareh Gallery (solo) Manama, Bahreyn


NW Gallery (collective) Cambridge, UK

Beirut Art Fair (MENASART) , Beirut, Lebanon

Galerie Point Rouge (Collective), Paris, France

Istanbul Art Fair (Gallery 77), Istanbul, Turkey

Albareh Gallery (Collective) Manama, Bahreyn

Espace Eqart (solo) Marciac, France

London Art 15 (art fair) London , UK

Art Space Hamra (collective) Beirut, Lebanon

L'Epicerie d'Art (collective) Clermont Ferrant, France

Biel , Rebirth (collective), Beirut, Lebanon


Palazzo Della Racchetta (collective) Ferrara Italy

Galleria 20 (collective) Torino Italy

Wadi Finan Gallery (solo) Amman, Jordan

Hôtel de Ville - Fontenay-sous-Bois, France

L'Arrivage (collective) Troyes, France

Espace Christiane Peugeot (collective) Paris, France


Dubai Art Fair, Al Bareh Gallery - Dubai

Salon Passage à l'Art - Cherbourg, France

Galerie Théo de Seine - (solo) – Paris, France

Atelier Les Trois Matelots - (collective) - Courseulle Sur Mer, France

Beirut Art Fair , Menasart Biel, Beirut, Lebanon

Jamm Gallery (collective) Dubai

Albareh Gallery (solo) Manama, Bahreyn

Grand Palais, Salon Comparaison, Paris, France


Salon Sursok - Beirut, Lebanon

Maison du Sommelier (solo) – Beirut, Lebanon

Festival Art et Dechirure - Rouen, France

Unesco (collective) – Beirut, Lebanon

Centre Culturel Bertin Poiret (solo) – Paris, France


Royal School of Arts (collective) – London, UK

Université de Balamand (solo) – Beirut, Lebanon

Salon Sursok – Beirut, Lebanon

Atelier "Z" (collective) – Paris, France

Centre Culturel Bertin Poiret (collective) – Paris, France

Biennale Arts Hors Normes – Lyon, France

Maison du Sommelier (collective) – Beirut, Lebanon


Galerie Hamazkayin (collective) – Beirut, Lebanon

Dôme Centreville (collective) – Beirut, Lebanon

Cité des Arts (Puls’Art) - Le Mans, France

Atelier "109" (solo) – Cannes, France

Galerie Art Circle (solo) – Beirut, Lebanon

Espace Eqart (permanent)- Marciac, France

Atelier "Z" (collective) – Paris, France

Salon Saint Martin - Marciac, France


Galerie Odile Mauve (solo) – Paris, France

Cilicie Museum - Catholicossat Arménien (collective) – Beirut, Lebanon

Zico House (solo) – Beirut, Lebanon



Salon Sursok - Beirut, Lebanon

L'Âne Bleu (solo) – Marciac, France

Espace Albert Camus (solo) – Lyon, France

Galerie Pièce Unique (solo) – Beirut, Lebanon


Galerie Surface Libre (solo) – Beirut, Lebanon


Centre Culturel Français (solo) – Beirut, Lebanon


Goethe Institut (solo) – Beirut, Lebanon