Born 1979 in Algeria, a country that faces the blue sea yet has the hot desert behind. In his compositions, there are movements of colours, which overlap and gain space among the elements. Sometimes uses mystical script with a thicker texture of colours to resemble a dance. There are lines in his works with regular sequence.  Earthy colours, the black and gold that symbolize the sun, are mixed with the white and blues, thus highlighting my oriental background and emotional influence.

 He joined the prestigious Ecole des Beaux Arts, Algiers and was inspired by the Berber, the Islamic and the African Art.  His works show letters in an abstract form, geometrical shapes and with shadows of figures that are combined with the flow of colors that are soft yet powerful.


"Everything on earth is on movement even if it seems to us stable but in reality it is in an autonomous and internal movement, as well as in a rotational movement with the Earth and the movement of the index of life in the creatures.


These cosmic movements make everything in the existence move and change in a continuity. The movement is characterized by a great romance, the combination of these motions with light breaks through the material (i.e., the forms) to reveal its essence. In this case the integration (merge) of the movement is a fundamental part of me, and it contains two ideas one is in relation with change and the other in relation with time."


Recently Hamza was chosen to participate in the 2nd biennial of oil painting in Dafen (China). Find more about it here.