Mr Muhanna Durra

Muhanna Durra, a Jordanian artist, conducted this lecture for the Ikebana Club. He graduated from the Academy of fine Arts in Rome in 1958. He has an extensive exhibition history worldwide as he lived in Tunisia, Cairo, Beirut, Moscow and Jordan. The lecture was titled “Art talk” and it focused on still life in prominent historical and modern paintings.

Samia Zaru & Said Haddadin

Samia Zaru and Said Haddadin came together to speak of their challenges during their art career. This lecture was conducted for an audience, which consisted of IB students from the Ahlia School for Girls (ASG). They spoke of their struggles and conquests throughout their life as artists in the Middle East. Samia, a pioneer woman in the arts, is Palestinian and studied in the American University of Beirut. She is very well known for her large scale metal sculptures and broad bush multimedia paintings. As for Said Haddadin, he is a Jordanian artist who studied in fine art in the USSR year 1974 and is known for his powerful and dynamic abstract portraits.



Fares Rizk conducted an Art Talk on Saturday 21.5.2016. Fares Rizk is a Palestinian Jordanian artist based in New York City. The poetic style and colors of Rizk’s work are inspired by his travels around the world including visits to Jerusalem, Rome, Beirut, Berlin, Paris, Cairo, Athens, Marrakesh and Amman. The late Fahrenissa Zeid while reviewing his early works called him “Peintre Poete”. Rizk has a Masters of Fine Arts in Painting from Parsons school of Design in New York City. 

He is well collected internationally as well as institutions in the Middle East such as The Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts in Amman and The Moca yinchuan Museum of Contemporary Art in China.

He is represented in Amman by Wadi Finan Art Gallery and in New York by Patricia Field.