Art Dubai 2019: Contemporary

Dubai, UAE, Mar 20 - 23, 2019 

Wadi Finan Art Gallery is pleased to announce its participation in the upcoming Art Dubai Exhibition 2019, which will take place March 20-23 at Madinat Jumeirah.  Wadi Finan will be representing three ground breaking Middle Eastern artists whose works have become the epitome of contemporary reflection infused with local, cultural, and historical musings. Raya Kassisieh, Besher Koushaji, and Hamza Bounoua will be pushing all known artistic and creative boundaries with their fantastical depictions of a reality less conformed, within their investigations of the recurrent theme of lines. 


Through the intricate overlay of different fibres and fabrics, Raya Kassisieh’s work displays flourishing lines and purposeful organic shapes that flow through her constructed canvas boasting an unrivalled technical fashion expertise that merges the minimal with the bold and powerful.


Breaking his images into lines and sections, Besher Koushaji’s intricate portraits are a marvellous and complex distortion of what we perceive as real. While seemingly current and contemporary one cannot fail but notice the nostalgic undercurrents of what was once a sunny Syrian life, with its Damascene architecture infusing Arabic calligraphy. Vividly reminding us of the best of what was left behind!


Inspired by Berber, Islamic, and African arts and ethnicities, Bounoua’s abstract lines, letters, and geometrical shapes are fantastical portrayals that offer but a sliver of the rich and diverse cultural and emotional influences behind his work. A protégé of the prestigious Academy of Fine Arts Paris and Ecole Des Beaux Arts Algiers, Bounoua’s award-winning work has been featured far and wide.


Wadi Finan Art Gallery was established in 2008 and has since become a hub and a cubicle for established as well as upcoming local and regional artists, thus cementing its name as a keeper of the arts. Wadi Finan brings a heightened contemporary and modern aesthetic to its surrounding heritage by hosting public exhibitions, workshops, and leading special community collaborations.