Abu Dhabi Art Fair 2022: Booth AS6

Saadiyat Cultural District on Saadiyat Island, Manarat Al Saadiyat, Nov 16 - 20, 2022 
Wadi Finan Art Gallery is delighted to announce that it will be showcasing the work of Jordanian artists at Abu Dhabi Art Fair 2022 in November, namely: Fouad Mimi, Ammar Khammash, Hind Nasser and Naqsh collective.
Fouad Mimi (b. 1949)
 Is a colourist from the beginning, and over the years, he has continued to draw inspiration from natural and urban scenes in Jordan, drawing in a rich melody and a brush with great impression. One critic described him: "Fuad Mimi's skill is inherent in being colourful and is able to present a new innovation. He is able to match the form that expresses his ideas perfectly. It is always the search for a new artistic language in form, colour, and place: a language with an independent personality.
Ammar Khammash (b. 1960)
 A prominent artist, paints expressionistic works with an emphasis on landscapes and cityscapes. He encompasses both the geology and biology, which comes not from canvas and paints, but from the experience of life in a particular terrain, where he has walked alone through these places and has experienced them intimately.
Hind Nasser (B. 1940)
Started studying painting under the artist Fahrelnissa Zeid in 1976. One of her most defined aims was to develop the cultural scene in her country, she established the Alumnae Club of her College, a Children’s Club for cultural activities mainly theatre and arts, The Jordan Crafts Council with a marketing outlet for the traditional and modernized local crafts, and the Jordan lkebana chapter for the art of flower arranging. She was one of the founders of the National Music Conservatory of the Noor Al Hussein Foundation and Chairperson for 15 years and one of the founding members of the Jordan Museum for archaeology. She started her own project the Jordan Arts & Crafts Centre / Artisana. And then she established her own gallery, Gallery 14.
Naqsh Collective
Through delicate hand finishings and fine machine production ebbing with ingenuity, Nisreen and Nermeen Abudail founded Naqsh collective in Amman, Jordan in 2010. Naqsh collective instantly became a conceptual framework reflected in unique pieces of art and their intricate collaboration with design. Their pieces are a result of a harmonious union between the oriental and the modern. At Naqsh they integrate aspects of art, architecture, and heritage through minimalism that brushes on sophistication, a union that fits perfectly into the pace of modern life, to be enjoyed for its shapes, meanings, and compositions. The two sisters find inspiration from contemporary simplicity and the traditional Arabic aesthetic, combined with high-quality local craftsmanship.