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Wadi Finan Art Gallery is pleased to announce their participation in the Yinchuan Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) / waa (we architech anonymous) grand opening, artists installations and projects and specially curated initiatives are exhibited at the museum.

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The Museum of Contemporary Art Yinchuan, located within a large organic plantation, is the first contemporary art museum in northwest China. Striving to promote diversity in the development of contemporary art, MOCA Yinchuan is the first to be dedicated to Chinese and Islamic contemporary art.

MOCA Yinchuan will strive to promote contemporary art exchange, exhibition, collection and public education between China and Islamic countries with the support of Ningxia Minsheng Culture and the Arts Foundation, covering all forms of visual art, architecture, design and fashion.

The MOCA Yinchuan Collection includes several hundred works of Chinese oil paintings in late Qing dynasty, antique maps detailing early Sino-Western exchange, and Chinese contemporary artworks. These collections form a foundation for the research of Chinese art history, exchanges between the East and the West, and contemporary art in China and Islamic countries.

Every two years in September, the China-Arab States EXPO will bring leaders from some 60 Islamic countries to take part in a wide range of cultural exchange activities. To coincide with this event, MOCA Yinchuan will present an exhibition focusing on the special guest nation for that year, presenting works of Islamic culture and contemporary art.

The inaugural exhibition of MOCA Yinchuan

Between East and West—Chinese and Islamic Contemporary Art
Venue: Gallery 1 & 2
Curator: Lu Peng
This exhibition presents artworks of artists from west China and the Middle East. By presenting the artworks of these artists, this exhibition portrays the existential experiences of artists as individual practitioners, as well as the state of contemporary art in west China and the countries more to the west. In doing so, it explores the linguistic traits and mutual influences of art in the contemporary, globalized context, as well as the influence of Islamic culture on the thoughts and creative approaches of contemporary artists. On the foundation of a dialogue with the two preceding exhibition segments, this exhibition will also present the contemporary evolution of civilization exchanges, while embodying the two focal points of the Museum of Contemporary Art Yinchuan: Chinese contemporary art and Islamic culture.

Very Contemporary Jordan—the Contemporary Art of Jordan
Venue: Hall 5 of the third floor
Curator: Suchen Hsieh
The guests of honor for the China-Arab States EXPO will be the main scope of our invitation to this exhibition, which aims to interpret the aesthetics of Islam through the oriental aesthetic perspective.
Re-folk—Transformed Traditional Elements in Contemporary Art

Wadi Finan Art Gallery is presenting a selection of key works by Jordanian Painters Faris Rizk, Mohammad Dohaidel, Fadi Daoud, Ayyad Al Nimir, Riham Ghasib, And the Jordanian sculpture Katia Al Tal.

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