Exhibitions : UM by H.R.H Princess Nissa Raad










The feminine manifests as everything, as mother nature never fails to demonstrate. She is always curved, round and spherical. A circle is infinite and strongly feminine. It is whole, inclusive, simple yet powerful. It is the beginning and the end – the cycle of life. To me, it is the ultimate symbol of “the mother”, and this exhibition is an abstracted exploration of the concept of motherhood through this basic and feminine organic form.


Mixed media is always an important part of my process and I sought to create pieces that feel layered and complex yet simple and soothing. I relied heavily on contrasting textures and focused on organic and round shapes. The largest circle or spherical form in each painting represents the “mother” and some forms are held by a structural support system- the same way a mother relies on support from others. Or perhaps the lines and connections are spiritual bonds, arteries and umbilical cords.


The inspiration for these works stems from my own experience as a mother and from the respect that I have for all the phenomenal multitasking mothers I know. The mother is all that is natural and beautiful. She is the life-giving sun around which everything rotates and depends on. She is the inclusive orb to which all clings and gravitates. She is the big strong rock which supports and carries all else. She is the heart of the home and harbours round embryos in her round belly. She is the sphere of comfort, the watchful eye, the nurturing breast, the protective embrace – round, complete and infinite like her unconditional love.