Exhibitions : Thirty – Six Interpretations

Thirty Six Interpretations

What is beyond the surface?

Each time it takes different ways to express the what you can call it (the core or

essence), in terms of colors, shapes, proportion, scaling, mixing, pallet, texture…

in other words, whatever it takes in to reach something we can all relate to .

This been said , you will end up with a different result in each time , to treat each

painting as an individual, that has a certain soul, to justify your brush strokes in

following the meaning .

Born in 1992, Omar Najjar is a recent graduate from Jordan University’s Fine

Arts Department who has been developing his approach for the past few years,

specialized in oil painting; also he participated in several exhibitions locally and


(Contemporary Expressionism), the term often used to describe the work of Omar

Najjar, Broad brush strokes give a suggestion to the story without giving the

details fully.