Exhibitions : Surrialesim Vs. Realsim


Surrealism Vs. Realism


An exhibition that mixes between Realism in Galyna popinovas paintings and surrealism that could be found in both Semaan Kawams and Annie kurkdjians Works.

Realism depicts the reality just as it is, without any “veils”.  In contrast to it, surrealism is an aspect, which is more expressive.

Surrealism interprets reality in a very bizarre and odd way and tries to swallow us up into the mysticism world we couldn’t even have imagined. They do so by using highly realistic techniques to make their own world as real as possible.

Although these movements seem to be so far from each other, they still have a lot of common grounds for the expression of various sides of everyday life, even though in many quite different ways.  Realism is dominant on the screen for it brings a human being closer a preferred character and, to say more, they share various emotions with the TV characters. Meanwhile, surrealism is the king of the world of haute couture because of its ideas of reproducing the weirdest and wildest dreams. Surrealists can boast of having the most creative mind and unlimited imagination needed to create a real masterpiece.







Born in Lebanon in 1974, Semaan Khawam continues to live and work in Beirut.  The self-taught multidisciplinary Khawam is a painter, sculptor, graffiti and installation artist whose work is informed by the daily reality of the city that he lives in.

Khawam’s uses his work to draw attention to political contradictions, social injustice, the lack of cultural appreciation and other uncomfortable  realities.  Early in 2012, he spray painted an armed soldier on a wall in Gemmayzeh to remind people of the Lebanese Civil War, something that he feels has been forgotten.  His arrest for this act drew international attention to the limits on free speech and artistic expression that Khawam and other Lebanese artists work within inadvertently but also ironically reinforcing his earlier messages.



In addition to being a visual artist, the multi-talented Khawam is also an actor, director, script-writer, prop designer for film and theatre, poet and internationally-published writer.  His art has been exhibited in Lebanon and Europe.



Annie Kurkdjian


Born in Lebanon in 1972, Kurkdjian lives and works in Beirut. Through the turbulent years of the Lebanese Civil War, she first studied fine arts and psychology at the Lebanese University, followed by theology at St. Joseph’s University. Kurkdjian has participated in numerous group exhibitions, including Gallery Sader, UNESCO, Salon Sursock, Royal School of Arts London, and Biennale Arts Hors Normes in Lyon, amongst several others. Since 2005, she has held solo exhibitions at the Goethe Institut (2005), Centre Culturel Français (2006), Surface Libre (2007), Zico House (2008), Atelier 109 (2010), and éspace Bertin Poirée (2012). Annie Kurkdjian’s work won the “Johayna Baddoura Prize” in 2012 and has been showcased in Art Dubai and Menasa Art Fair in Beirut in 2013.


Galyna popinova

Studied at Shevchenko State Arts School, department of painting. Year of graduation – 2002. In 2008 graduated from The National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture (NAFAA) and V. Gurin studio. In 2011 completed postgraduate studies and internship at NAFAA (painting). In 2016 Galyna was awarded by The Kyiv city Major for special youth achievements in development of the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv hero-city.

Galyna became award-winner at national competitions n.a. M. Deregus, F. Krychevskyi and others. Galyna’s works repeatedly took part in Charity Auctions with a view to support orphan children and ATO fighters. Works in different genres of easel painting, including portrait, landscape and still-life. A member of Ukraine’s National Union of Artists (NUAU) since 2010. Art-projects supervisor. Art, drawing and composition teacher at her own arts studio. Held seven one-artist exhibitions in 2012 – Zafgreb, Croatia, “Galyna Popinova’s Plein-airs – 2015”. “Maysternia” Gallery. Exhibition “Impressions”, Kyiv. House of Artists, Mykolaiv, and E. Kibrik Museum, Voznesensk, etc.  Active participant in national and foreign art exhibitions and projects since 2002.