Exhibitions : striving for peace

Striving for Peace
As long as humanity does not learn from history, wars will not extinct.
Women are not only among their victims , they are also usually those who promote peace projects. This year marks
the 100th Anniversary of the death of Nobel Peace Prize laureate Bertha von Suttner just before the outbreak of the
first World War. Her novel ” Lay Down Your Arms ” ties with cruel timeliness of the warlike actions of the present.
The pursuit of peace, a life in exile , even in the freely chosen , that is a forever topical issue. They are mostly
women who possess the necessary vision to engage with courage and efficiency for Humanity.
The opportunity to work on an art project, which is worn by women and is able to establish a connection between
Jordan and Austria, is an extremely exciting challenge and honorable task for me.
Especially the language of art is able to touch, to provoke, to connect divisive , to make hidden things visible, and
sometimes also to help.
For me, the desire for peace, a deep-rooted in the human longing which can be expressed artistically in many
ways. Often there are small humorous depictions, often a reference to literature and music. But always the
questions: where we come from, where we are going and what we leave behind.
Sabine Pleyel 
Living for Peace
My current work focuses on children, particularly since my visit to the Zaatari Camp (a Syrian refugee camp on the
border between Jordan and Syria) where I was immensely moved and struck by the expressions of resilience in
these children and women, and how their endurance and streaks of positivity with hope shown on their faces.
Women are the caretakers of the family and the primary up-bringers of the next generations, and yet they are
treated the worst all over the world. Children who grow up in households of pain and strife, learn what they live. It is
truly remarkable and moving to witness still the ability to be resilient despite the hardships. The capacity to smile, to
laugh… to still believe in a concept of something better.
The streaks of endurance and resourcefulness of these children are what I hope to illuminate in my work. It is the
turning point of our repeated mistakes as a collective global community, it is the light in the dark that brightens the
hope for still being able to exude love and happiness despite all dire conditions, pain and strife.
Rana Sunaij