Exhibitions : Scenen by Besher Koushaji




Besher Koushaji


A graphic designer, web developer, and painter, Basher Koushaji has been a powerful and creative force on the contemporary art circuit for over a decade. Honing his innate talent at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Damascus, Syria, Koushaji developed a powerful and unique style. By combining fine arts and graphic design, Koushaji merges two seemingly contradictory disciplines to produce beautiful and mesmerising pieces. By breaking his images with lines and sections, he creates intricately layered, spellbinding distortions of his original subjects. Each artwork enriches the canvas with both light and dark – the positive and negative forces that permeate all existence.

His capacity to combine contemporary, fresh expression with hints of classical Arabic calligraphy results in an unmatched depth and complexity. Intertwining Damascene architectural images, and bright, sunny palettes, he creates intricate yet effortless pieces, triggering memories of the golden age of the Arab world. His intense artistic process doesn’t impact the viewer forcefully, but leaves the softest impression, like a light summer breeze.

Koushaji’s initial work focussed on the buildings of Syria, reflecting his memories of and connection to his homeland’s city scape. As time has progressed, he has started to infuse his paintings with portraits of the precious people he left behind.

One of Wadi Finan’s specially selected artists, Kousheji’s work has gained international exposure through exhibitions in Europe and across the Middle East. His works are currently on display at Wadi Finan Art Gallery in Amman, Jordan.

Individual exhibitions

  • Art on 56th, Beirut, Lebanon, 2019
  • Fan Workshop – Reflections – Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 2017
  • Wadi Finan Art Gallery – Reflections – Amman, Jordan, 2016
  • Dama Art – Home Memories 2, Jeddah, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), Jeddah, 2014
  • Wadi Finan Art Gallery – Home Memories – Amman, Jordan, 2013

Group exhibitions

  • Dubai Art Fair – Dubai, UAE, 2019
  • Let’s link, Manama, Bahrain, 2019
  • Mirrors 2, The HUB Gallery, Kuwait, 2018
  • Wadi Finan Art Gallery– Mixed Palette – Amman, Jordan, 2018
  • Kalemat Sanat Galerisi – Istanbul, Turkey, 2018
  • Kalemat Sanat Galerisi – Intersection – Istanbul, Turkey, 2017
  • Kalemat Sanat Galerisi – Foundation for the Future and Platform for Middle East Arts and Turkey – Contemporary Art – Istanbul, Turkey, 2017
  • Kalemat Sanat Galerisi – Mask VIII – Traditional Art International Meeting – Istanbul, Turkey, 2017
  • Kalemat Sanat Galerisi – Foundation for the Future and Platform for Middle East Arts and TurkeyContemporary Art – Istanbul, Turkey, 2016
  • La Brasserie Le Pois Penche, Chez Swann – Montreal, Canada 2015
  • Wadi Finan Art Gallery – Beirut Art Fair – Amman, Jordan, 2015
  • Hochschhule Anhalt of Kotchen – Germany 2015
  • Wadi Finan Art Gallery – Art15 London – London, England, 2015
  • Jan Sanat Galeri – Ankara, Turkey, 2015
  • Marmara Museum – Istanbul, Turkey, 2015
  • Wadi Finan Art Gallery, Bahrain, 2014
  • Wadi Finan Art Gallery, Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) 2014
  • Wadi Finan Art Gallery, Dubai, UAE, 2014
  • Wadi Finan Art Gallery, Abu Dhabi, UAE, 2013
  • Wadi Finan Art Gallery, UAE, 2012
  • Wadi Finan Art Gallery, KSA, 2012
  • Youth Exhibition – Damascus, Syria, 2009
  • Russian Cultural Center – Damascus, Syria, 2008
  • Four Seasons Hotel – Damascus, Syria, 2008
  • Al Rawdha Showroom – Damascus, Syria, 2007
  • Al Sayed Art Gallery, Damascus, Syria, 2007 – Participation in a small painting exhibition
  • The French Cultural Institute, Damascus, Syria, 2005 – Participation in art workshops