Exhibitions : Safa Alset and Fadi Attoura

Fadi Attoura
Fadi Was born in Hamah, Syria in 1978, he completed his Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts from Damascus University in 2002. He later attended several training courses in animation and illustration and went to directed and participated in many TV series. Fadi taught art for some years. His greatest inspiration is his two daughters. The presence of two daughters in his life gave him the most magnificent inspiration. Their innocence filled his home with happiness, which lead to his playful and bright work to tell stories of Muna and Zeina.

Safaa Alset
Born in 1974, Safaa Alset studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts at Damascus University and graduated in 1997. She worked as a multimedia graphic designer, before deciding to start her own artistic career. She started working with metal, iron and copper as a means to create original sculptures. Her work stands out due to its rough texture and subject matter. Her first solo exhibition “Commedia dell’Arte” was held at the French Cultural Center in Damascus in 1998. It consisted of black and white paintings and masks on the theme of tragedy. Earlier in 1994, she had participated in the Joan Miro workshop and group exhibition that was held in Damascus. In 2003, Safaa had her second solo exhibition “Figures” in Maktab Anbar, where she presented sketches made of iron in large scale, transforming the hard nature of the metal into a soft canvas that flows organically. In 2007, she held another exhibition at Ayyam Gallery in Damascus, entitled “Women”, where she brilliantly succeeded again in bringing metal to life, by presenting different sculptures of women in multi-spirited moods.