Exhibitions : Reyadh Alshaar

Riyadh Al Sha’ar belongs to the new school of Syrian Art that attempts to move past the traditions that were settled by the modern art movement, surrealism.The establishment of a new culture comes out of the core of the artwork

In his words
“Color is my window. I look through it to meet others. With it, I weave my pain and hope. Color is my path for love and life, my only answer to the ugliness that surrounds me and the death that kills my mornings ”. Each artist has his own style that distinguishes him from the rest. Al Sha’ar belongs to realistic impressionist school and here, he finds himself passionately using the brush to pour his emotions on canvas.

He refuses repetition because he is so passionate about his work. One can can see perpetual movement in all his work. He works day and night while remaining in his studio and leaving behind his social life.

What is an artist, but a witness to the suffering of his generation, swinging between documenting everyday pains and perpetual beauty, pulled by colors and shapes that capture the essence of the creative work in surrealism. He/she attempts to portray the visual and spiritual on the surface of the painting. So seeing becomes visionary and a way to unlock secrets of the surrealist language.