Exhibitions : Photography Exhibition


Sidy Benamar

A Strange Disdain.


A series of double exposure 35mm film prints that sets a nonchalant meeting point,  combining the effects of disdain between vegetation and decaying concrete, while the plants can co-create their own Eco system, overgrow and thrive because of this neglect, Historical relics lead a slow and agonizing march towards decay.

Sidy wanted to capture both forms of neglect in one atmospheric yet distorted frame, a docile form of escapism crossing between the Botanical Garden, and the famously abandoned Sakakini Palace in Cairo, Egypt.



Salim Salameh


This series is about capturing a location and reflect it through a photo. As an experimental filmmaker, Salim Salameh’s photography is about having something movable inside the photo, either through feelings, visuals or even in the composition of the photo itself. These photos were taken in different locations in Amman, each has a story behind it that only the photographer himself can tell, but  story doesn’t always matter, it’s all about the feeling and the vision. All frames where collected and recycled from an old shop in Jabal Amman to help supporting the idea of each photo individually.


Majd Manaa


Majd Manaa’s series is about viewing Jordan through a different perspective by capturing photographs from around the corners, cars busses and streets. Freezing the moments to add a different meaning to it and to tell a story.



Tayma AbuHakmeh


The photographs above are efforts to capture the scenic reality of our environment, there are no efforts of any expurgation in the photographs. The subtleties are real and contribute to the curation of the moment. The photographs are mere attempts of trans-bodying the physical reality, with all of its skins, into a flat picture.


The photographs are experimental and this nature is in itself a generator of ideas, often informing the eye of novel interpretations that call for capturing. The universe is in a state of uninterrupted choreography and it is worthwhile to observe.


Oriane van den broeck


In “Decor” nature is represented as an impassable wall where nature is overwhelming the frame. The parcs from Brussels have been the playground of this project. These city green spaces have become a decorative human made nature where people can not get into. This series realized with a large format camera suggest a bridge between these artifices and anonymous characters attempting the impossible union.