Exhibitions : Harmony by Rana Sunaij

In the artist’s words

Throughout the two years of working on this theme in this collection of paintings, I went through an evolution myself, and I reflected what I felt onto these canvases. Human bodies, faces and expressions have always fascinated, intrigued and inspired me. I am in constant awe of the wonderment of transformation; our ability to transform ourselves, to reinvent ourselves and feel born again as we come closer to the one-ness with nature.

While this exhibition is different from my last one, which centered around the theme and portrayal of children. However, there are some common themes that are still found in this new body of work. It still is connected to nature, humanity, and the search for oneself, to find that we all belong to this universe. Through my new paintings I want to represent this one-ness of oneself and nature.

I paint the harmonious connection between flowers and women and how they move in nature. We are born free like the things in nature that grow naturally in a free way. My continuous search is to find the unity within oneself.

The exhibit is about how happiness, contentment and acceptance all come, not from things but from oneself. I represent that by means of colors and movement of women through water and other elements, in my paintings. Finding happiness is something we all seek.


About Rana Sunaij ​

Born In Damascus, Syria I entered the world wide-eyed and surrounded by a big loving family that were all creative. My passion for anything related to fine arts began from an early age. After studying Litreature at the University of Damascus, I left to California to follow my dream of studying art. However, after getting married to an Austrian diplomat, my path changed and took me to Cairo, Egypt. Thus began my nomadic lifestyle.
After private classes in Cairo , I studied at the University of Fine Arts in Bucharest, Romaina.

Land scape painting and antique furniture restoration I studied in classes affiliated with the University Of Fine Arts in Rome.
In Vienna, Austria I took classes from Professor Michael Fuchs in his atelier in Klosterneuburg which used to be the atelier of Egon Schiele. The Austrian artistic heritage of Klimt, Kokoshka and the Wiener Werkstätten had lasting effects on me.
During a short however intensive stay in Sri Lanka my work was lastingly influenced by the bright coloured tropical flowers and the paradise like landscapes of the land that sourced the word serenety.
When, in 2006 I moved to Jordan I instantly fell in love with this country and its people. The colours and the vibrancy of Middle Eastern culture left a lasting legacy on my artwork. Here my love of portraiture grew; struck by the bedouin of the desert and vieled women.

My artistic endeavors a cultural array of human expression.