Exhibitions : Fares Rizk

Fares Rizk was born in Cairo, Egypt. His poetic style and colors are inspired from his travels around the world, including visits to cities such as Rome, Cairo, Beirut and Amman. The late Fahrenissa Zeid called him “PeintrePoete” while reviewing one of his early pieces.

Quoted in a recent interview, Rizk stated his belief that “Painting has a lot to do with moments. It has a lot do with moments and memory. The perfect moment arises unexpectedly and as quickly it escapes.”

Rizk has a Masters of Fine arts in Painting from the Parsons School of Design in New York City. He studied with Leland Bell, Paul Resika and Jack Heliker as well as Larry Rivers and Robert De Niro, Sr. He also has Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting from the University Of Southwestern Louisiana. There, he studied with Elemore Morgan and Herman Mhyre. In 1983 Fares spent a Summer in Paris at the Ecole des Beaux Arts, and studied with Pierre Bayle.

Rizk’s work has been acquired by collectors all over the world as well as the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts in Amman, Jordan.

Rizk lives and works in downtown New York City. He travels to Amman and Cairo to keep the sun in his paintings. In Amman, Jordan, Rizk is represented by Wadi Finan Gallery.