Exhibitions : Fadi Daoud

A Jordanian artist born in Fuheis in 1981, he studied fine arts at the Jordan University and received his masters from the Al Balqa University with a focus on Islamic Art.
Fadi’s art is linear in style; he allows his brush stroke to flow and manipulates his brush strokes freely allowing the line to turn into itself into a final painting.
Fadi has been influenced by famous regional artists; Hussein Bakeer, George Bahjouri and Fargali Abdul latif. His work also shows clear Byzantine and Sufism inspiration.
His work as described by art critique, Ica Wahbeh;
“Parallel lines flow seamlessly, seem to run to infinity, as they should, but then, defying laws of physics, bend ever so slightly, to create curves and domes, rounded lips emitting sounds or decorating curlicues. They generate endearing people and tableaux, life and movement, sound and smell.
Derived from the spirituality of Islamic art, the geometrical sharpness of lines meeting at acute angles is softened by Fadi who listens to music while working, often creating a world of music himself.
Iconic regional singers – Umm Kalthoum, Asmahan, Fairouz – back-up artists and instrument-plucking musicians populate his paintings…”