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Jordan’s Wadi Finan Art Gallery is pleased to announce their participation in the tenth edition of Art Dubai 2016, Starting March 16 till the March 19 we will be representing two pioneering artists in the Middle East; Samia Zaru and Muhanna Durra.

Saxicoline: Pioneering Passion Through The Rocks


Practising arts in this region is an endeavor which, in an unstable political and economic environment, can be likened to the tenacity of plants emerging from rocky terrain. To break through the sharp tensions, it takes eternal optimism and passion. In this way, Samia Zaru and Muhanna Durra are a ‘saxicolin’ in Jordan: dwellers among rocks.

Saxicoline: Pioneering Passion Through The Rocks is an exhibition which highlights modern art in the context of Jordan as a developing country, surrounded by conflict, global economic insecurity and some of the largest social changes ever to be documented about this region worldwide.

Samia Zaru and Muhanna Durra have lived through pivotal times in the Middle East and, in their own ways, made history. Through their art and teaching, they have paved the way for future Jordanian artists; they have carved color into the dry desert landscape of art consumption and production through their multimedia and multidimensional methods; and through their acclaimed artwork, they have truly pushed plants through the rocks.

In a world where professional rivalry is rife and artistic egos often clash, Samia Zaru and Muhanna Dura are emulated amongst the Jordanian artistic community; and have showed remarkable endurance and creativity in the face of myriad challenges. Wadi Finan Art Gallery will showcase a combination of abstract paintings from their early work until the beginning of the millennium to document the rootedness and evolution of their artistic expression over the years.


Visit us at our booth M2 / Modern section 

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