Exhibitions : Art by Touch

After lots of research, analysis, and trials we, Wadi Finan reached successful results. We took a visual activity and altered it into a tactile activity. This specific artwork we offered the unique group of visually impaired children was focused on allowing them to experience art through the sense of touch using the hands and fingertips (it is experiencing tactual objects primarily and secondarily spatial). The children truly took on this experience and grew with it, it helped them unwind experience and enjoy their own individual way of self-expression.
After several sessions Wadi Finan was invited to conduct workshops for the visually impaired at the Jordan Museum and around Amman,Jordan at schools for the Blind. Later on Wadi Finan linked with the Blind Society in Zarqa, Jordan and a school in Irbid, Jordan for art therapy classes in more remote areas that needed the support. Spreading to rural areas in Jordan allowed Wadi Finan to teach children and teens in less fortunate areas about art and expression.
From three students to over a hundred, Wadi Finan had the pleasure of hosting the first exhibition, which, consisted of work only made by the blind, and all proceeds went to materials and profits to the artists. The ultimate goal is to take it a step further from an activity to a future support system where they (the visually impaired participants) can learn to earn money from their work and thus become financially independent.