Exhibitions : “Arabic Words” by Hayan Maani 5/10/2019 Amman Design Week






Hayan Maani


Adopting art as a way of life; Hayan Maani is a multi-talented artist whose work covers a wide array of design directions. From paintings and sculpture to calligraphy and interior design. With a journey of over 25 years; Hayan has steadfastly left his own imprint in his home country Jordan. Firmly believing in the power of expression, individualism, and originality, his works are a true reflection of his artistic inner nature. Because life has to be loved and because art is loving life, Hayan Maani brings his audience such delicate pleasures.


Solo exhibitions

2005            Orient Gallery – Amman, Jordan

2016            Sculpture Exhibition, Dar Al Anda Gallery – Amman, Jordan


Group exhibitions

2010            Sunny   Art Fair – Amman, Jordan

2012            Danish Arab Art Festival – Lebanon

2016            Amman Design Week – Amman, Jordan

2017            London Design Festival – Middle East: Design Now – London, UK

2017            Dubai Design Week – Middle East: Design Now 2017 – Dubai, UAE

2017            Amman Design Week– Amman, Jordan

2017            The Sustainable City Eco Art Project – Dubai, UAE

2018            Sharjah Calligraphy Biennial – Sharjah, UAE

2019            London Arabia Arts fashion week – London, UK