Exhibitions : Annie Kurkdjian

born in Beirut, Lebanon, 1972, lives and works in Beirut;recipient of the “Johayna Baddoura Prize”2012) living through the turbulent years of the Lebanese Civil War, studied fine arts and psychology at the Lebanese

University, and theology at St. Joseph’s University. Kurkdjian has participated in numerous group exhibitions ,including Gallery Sader, UNESCO, Salon Sursock, Royal School of Arts London, BiennaleArtsHorsNormes inLyon, amongst others. Since 2005, she has held solo exhibitions at the Goethe Institut 2005, Centre CulturelFrançais 2006, Surface Libre 2007, Zico House 2008, Atelier 109 2010, and espaceBertinPoirée2012. Annie Kurkdjian’s work has been showcased in Art Dubai and Menasa Art Fair (Beirut)in 2013 .