WF Artists : Raya Kassisieh



Raya Kasissieh

Raya Kasissieh started her artistic journey in Brooklyn, New York. Specializing in fashion and apparel design, she completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Pratt Institute in 2013. She seamlessly transitions her focus between diverse and challenging arenas, using her skills, talents, and passions to contribute to the fields of fashion, fine arts, and design. With a consolidated international presence and influence, Kasissieh has worked in the highly coveted luxury fashion markets of New York. She spends the majority of her time as a freelance fashion designer, fiber artist, and visual arts consultant.

Work experience

North American Relations Director for Beirut Art Fair

  • Liaised between Michele Lamy and Sharjah Art Foundation in New York
  • Designed and produced a full wardrobe for six characters for a Brazilian short film in New York
  • Designed and produced twelve costumes for ushers at a private event in Amman, Jordan
  • Provided artistic styling and direction at multiple photo-shoots
  • Designed and produced bespoke evening wear for private clients
  • Designed and produced one-off hand-knit pieces for private clients
  • Designed and produced an original avant-garde collection that was shown in Chelsea

Associate Director – Wadi Finan Art Gallery, 2013 – present

  • Primary art fair sales representative
  • Managed new client and media communications
  • Designed gallery books and pamphlets for art fairs and exhibitions
  • Curated gallery exhibitions, art fair booths, and home shows

Art Direction Consultant – Joan Hornig Jewelry, 2016 – Greater New York City Area

  • Advised on product designs
  • Managed communications for new partnership with Child of Nadia, based in Dubai
  • Communicated with buyers, press, and clients
  • Designed and directed look books and the company branding package

Sales, Production, and Design Consultant – YOLA COLÓN, 2015-16 – New York City Area

  • Ran merchandising and sales for all of Yola’s pop-up shops
  • Communicated customer requests to production team
  • Aided in the design of new collections, focusing on exotics and fur pieces
  • Styled photoshoots and created look books for new collections

Brand Assistant Coordinator – KOTOBA, 2013 – Greater New York City Area

  • Took specifications of whole-knit factory samples
  • Assisted in fittings of whole-knit garment samples and developed merchandising layout pages

Intern – Jim Villa Showroom, 2012-13 – Greater New York City Area

  • Managed showroom presentation and styling
  • Responsible for showroom inventory, price labeling, and tracking of garments on loan

Intern – Adam Selman, 2012 – New York City Area

  • Assisted head designer in material development and trim sourcing, technical design, and garment construction

Group exhibitions

  • Amman Design Week, 2016
  • Amman Design Week – Amalgamate at Wadi Finan Art Gallery, 2017
  • Wadi Finan Art Gallery – Textile exhibition, 2018
  • Wadi Finan Art Gallery – Mixed Pallet, 2018-19