WF Artists : Rana Sunaij

Born in Damascus, Rana Sunaij entered the world wide-eyed and surrounded by a big, loving, creative family, developing a passion for the arts from an early age. After studying French Literature at the University of Damascus, she travelled to California to follow her dream of studying art. Marriage to an Austrian diplomat cut her time in the United States short, but it opened the doors to a life of international arts education, including private study with the artist Mona Dabbous in Cairo, classes with the master Marianna Eminescu at the Bucharest National University of the Arts in Romania, classes in representational drawing and painting at the University of Fine Arts in Rome, and an apprenticeship in painting with the acclaimed Austrian artist Michael Fuchs in his atelier in Austria (previously the atelier of one of Austria’s most celebrated artists, Egon Schiele). Sunaij’s artistic endeavors reflect a cultural array of human expression. Lately she has been focusing on the image of the woman, her identity, strength, and solitude. Her work fuses modern subject matter with classical realist technique.

1992-1996, Studied at the National University of Arts Bucharest (UNARTE)
1996-2000, further development in the field of oil painting while living in Cairo, Egypt
2000-2004, University of Fine Art Rome, oil painting, composition and furniture restoration
2004-2006, private lessons by Professor Michael Fuchs in his studio in Vienna
2009, member of the development team that created the web page “Al Housh” for the House of Arab Art and Design
2010 Member of the jury of the Art Expression Competition “How you see the environment” of the young students of the Cambridge High School Amman by Dr. Ayoub Abu Dayeh
2010 to present, giving art classes to students of all age groups and development levels. Commissions for portraits and other oil paintings to Jordan, Austria, Norway, Dubai, South Korea and USA

International Exhibitions
2010 Solo exhibition at the King Hussein Cultural Center, organized by the City Councel of Amman, Jordan
2011 Group exhibition “Women in the Arab Spring” Featuring 40 artists from Jordan, the Arab world, Europe, US & Canada at Foresight Art-Gallery in Amman, Jordan
2011 Furniture exhibition at the privat residence of Paola Farran a celebrity in Amman
2012 Group exhibition at the Amman Baccalaureate School – fund raising for Syrian refugees
2013 participation of the art auction at the Landmark Hotel of Al Housh – House of Arab Art and Design
2014 participation in the “Love and Peace” exhibition of the International Center for Plastic Arts at the UNESCO Palace in Beirut, Lebanon
2015 participation in “Striving for Peace” exhibition at Wadi Finan Art Gallery with the Austrian artist Sabine Pleyel under the patronage of H.R.H Princess Sarvath Al-Hassan.