WF Artists : Nadia Abu Aitah

Born in Vienna in 1965, Aitah lives and works between Paris and Amman. Her education includes: a bachelors degree in Management at Webster University, Vienna (1988) and her M.A., (Master of Art in Marketing), Webster University, Vienna (1991), École des Beaux-arts, Paris, Peinture et Dessin (painting and drawing) (1997-1998), and Académie de la grande chaumière, Paris, Peinture et Dessin (painting and drawing).

Nadia’s paintings focus on the realistic nature of ordinary still objects, realized in oil on canvas. Her optimistic approach to life is evident in her paintings and reflected in the strong and bright colors she chooses. Nadia believes that an everyday object has the ability to offer something unusual, beautiful and bright; she simplifies the subject of her painting and enlarges it to further explore its shape, color and texture – an approach that is simple, yet difficult to attain – allowing a common object to transform into the subject of great mystery and drama.