WF Artists : Karima Bin Otman

The artist Karima Ben Otman has been fortunate to have experienced a wide diversity of cultures throughout her life, born in London to Libyan-Jordanian parents, she moved at the age of 9 to Jordan and has since continued to live in various countries around the world, from Italy where she studied Fine Arts, to Cyprus where she is currently residing and practicing as a professional artist. Otman’s art is fuelled by rich experiences, influenced by her Arabian mix with her Western art education.

The concepts surrounding Otman’s art are the fundamental aspects of life, but are also much more than just being a representation of life, the artwork is alive with the vibrancy, beauty and mysteries of life. Her paintings make references to typical situations and human characteristics that are branded with her own personality.

As vibrant as Otman is, so is her art bursting at the seams with color, lines and depth. Most prominent is her ongoing series of “Fish Paintings”, which began whilst she was studying Art in Florence in 1992. These paintings consist of hundreds of tiny fish characters, each unique and executed with pain staking detail, together they form a pattern of eyes staring out at you, representing human characteristics and emotions.

Much of Otman’s work inhabits a surrealistic quality, where her unusual painted figures appear to have been born from her playful imagination. She uses a form of controlled expression in her paintings, where her characters appear to have been executed with care, detail and much thought; her paintings are intelligently expressive, allowing room for the spectator to interpret them in more ways than one. As a professional artist, she has developed her own unique style creating a highly distinguished body of artwork.