WF Artists : Besher Koshaji

Besher Koushaji’s background in fine arts and graphic design combines beautifully on his canvases to produce work that is intricate, contemporary and new. Each piece has several layers of positive and negative planes that enrich the canvas and create depth and complexity that is mesmerizing. While the work is fresh and current, there are hints of classic Arabic calligraphy, outlines of Damascene architectural details, and sunny palettes that remind the viewer of the best of the Arab world. Each piece has been worked intensely yet looks as effortless as a breath of fresh air. His images consists of several layers, where he shifts and alter the image to his liking; he breaks the image into lines and sections creating a distortion of his original subject. He started with the buildings reflecting his memories of Syria and lately he has been infusing the portraits of those people that he left behind. He participated in Art15 London as one of Wadi Finan for Arts Artists and also in sachen-Anhilt Tag 2015, Hochschhule anhalt of Kotchen, Germany, 2015.