WF Artists : Ayyad Alnimer

Born and raised in Egypt, Alnimer graduated from his bachelors program with honors from the Fine Arts Academy in Cairo and soon after graduation, he relocated to Jordan with his wife to begin his career as an artist. Alnimer relocated to the United States in 1989, but has stayed in touch with the Middle East through multiple exhibitions across Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, as well as in North American and European countries such as, Britain, France, Holland, and Spain. His work can be seen at the National Museum of Jordan. Alnimer currently resided in the United States where he has exhibited in New York, Palm Beach Florida, Washington DC, Carmel, and San Francisco. As such, he is one of the leading artists in Jordan, being recognized as having impacted the revival of art through teaching the next generation of artists for ten years, and becoming a published author of works concerning art education.